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Radians School English/Bilingual Immersion program (E.B.I.P) is defined as the teaching of English as a first language and reinforcing the skills taught in the English class in other subject areas, such as social studies, science, and math.

Our program helps students to develop oral and written skills in both English and Spanish, with the intention of having our students achieve equal proficiency in both.

Radians School is located in a geographical area where the population is primarily composed of Spanish speakers, many with limited English language skills.

English is used in school for class purposes and, for some students, the English practice they have is limited to the experience created for them at school. All of our English class teachers are fluent English speakers.

All content areas in our primary school program, especially 1st and 2nd grades, are taught by teachers with knowledge of English as a Second Language appropriate to the age. These teachers ease the student into the use of full English throughout the course of the year. Elementary level and upward are fluent in English and use full English in teaching their classes.

Preschool students

Are introduced to the English language in an informal setting by means of vocabulary, songs, games and oral activities. {3 and 4 year olds) Kindergarten- Initiates English as a regular class.

First to twelfth grade

1st to 12th grade- all classes, except Spanish and Puerto Rican History are taught in English.

***** Exceptions may be made for high school math when abstract concepts could require the use of Spanish as a teaching method ****