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What is the “Progressive Advanced Learning Strategies” methodology? 

In a nutshell, PALS provides a learning experience that is unique in the world of education. It involves engaging the student as an active participant in the learning process. We part from the premise that every child loves to learn and that, provided the appropriate environment and stimuli, a child will become fully engaged in his own learning and will thus learn more deeply. Our facilitators are trained in multiple learning strategies to achieve this end.  

With over 160 hours of training per year, they transform the learning experience into one that is active, dynamic, and interesting for the students. Evaluations and assessments are varied, targeting the multiple intelligences and making for greater student participation. This, in turn, stimulates the student’s curiosity.  Students, therefore, desire to come to class and absenteeism is virtually eliminated.  

We understand that learning should be fun for the students and, with the proper execution of the varied learning strategies, students increase their learn and their academic achievement improves as well.  

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