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Responding to our school’s mission of forging, educating, and promoting integral citizens, Radians School has created a Virtues-Based Community. In accord with our school philosophy, to offer an enriching and integral education for each student, our virtues-based community fosters the social emotional learning experiences thorough Character Education. Its main purpose is to maintain a climate of respect, responsibility and empathy that facilitates the teaching-learning process and develops students’ character. Character education develops social and emotional skills that are important for students to be successful in their school environment, family, and society. These, in combination, helped fill the spiritual and emotional aspect of integral development of our Radians virtues-based community. Radians character education is not a program, anymore; it is a way of life.

Our virtues, the gifts of character, guides the entire decision-making process in our school. The socio-emotional development of our students is integrated throughout the entire scope of our curriculum. Character Education is a way of life. It is living by demonstrating, with our daily conduct, who we are and what we do. This way of life is intentionally inserted into all our Institution’s curricular and co-curricular activities to support the social, emotional, and ethical development of the entire community. We believe that Character Education is comprehensive, intentional, and proactive. It is a proactive effort to develop values, principles, virtues, and ethical concepts both in our students as well as in all members of our community.

At the preschool level, emphasis is placed on “Mindfulness” as a means to encourage and facilitate control and development of oneself. In every level, we carry out class meetings, where students have the opportunity to share their concerns, ideas, and interests with the facilitator and classmates. It forms the basis for creating a strong bond between the members of our Virtues-Based Community. From preschool to high school, students set their goals and, at the beginning of the school year, write a group pledge that they commit to follow and fulfill during the academic year. We promote the Language of Virtues in order to encourage a virtues mindset within our community, which then becomes a natural part of our environment. Course integration of virtues has helped deepen community understanding of these.

Staff members receive virtues and character education training during the summer with intention of conveying these during the upcoming academic year. Student-generated works are displayed throughout the school and webpage. They discuss, and develop the Athletes Honor Code, Organizational bylaws, and classroom statements. They understand that the road to success involves living a conscientious, virtues-centered life, and the results are manifested on a daily basis. It is the base that promotes core ethical and performance values as a foundation of good character. Living in a virtues-centered community becomes the norm and therefore, students are committed to these principles as a way of life and because it is a way of life, we have created a trusting and loving school environment.

Radians School has been widely recognized by “”, based in Washington DC, as “National School of Character”, being the only school in Puerto Rico that has received this distinction. This is our culture; it is not a program. It is a way of life. When people think of Radians they think of character, security, and excellence in all aspects (academic, affective, cognitive, and emotional).

Welcome to our new… “Virtues Based Community”!

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