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Radians School’s English Program is a dynamic and interactive program designed to engage the student and make them a direct and active participant in their own learning. The ultimate purpose of the English Language Arts curriculum is to teach students the language abilities they need to communicate effectively as individuals and as contributing members of society. Students will develop the language skills necessary to function in society. They become self-directed learners, collaborative workers, and complex thinkers who possess:

  • A desire to learn for a lifetime
  • The competence to learn in real-life situations
  • A knowledge of pragmatics in communication
  • The motivation and ability to produce quality work and products
  • The disposition to make personal and aesthetic responses
  • Leadership and group skills to function effectively within interpersonal relationships
  • Sensitivity to social, historical, and cultural diversity
  • The desire to contribute to the improvement of society
  • Awareness and ownership of their own learning
  • The ability to reason, make decisions, and solve complex problems in a variety of contexts

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