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The goal of the Physical Development Program is to develop the students’ mental and physical capabilities. The Physical Development Department incorporates a series of activities in which the students learn to further develop coordination and to maintain a healthy and physically fit body.

The goals of this program in the pre-school and primary levels are aimed to develop body control, flexibility, physical self, and maturity in the implementation of the fundamental skills of movement, no movement, and manipulative activities and significant situations.

In the middle school and high school levels, students continue developing the afore-mentioned skills. In addition, students are exposed to the history of different sports and the physical execution of each. Skills of each sport are developed throughout the year.

Teams are formed and practiced continuously. Sports activities are presented in the following sequence:

  • Volleyball – Students are introduced to the history of the sport. They also work on skills, learn to keep score sheets, and participate in the sport itself.
  • Soccer – Students are introduced to the history of the sport, they develop skills, and participate in the sport itself.
  • Basketball – Students are introduced to the history of the sport, they practice skills, and learn to keep score sheets.
  • Track and Field – Students learn basic skills of the various track and field events.
  • Swimming – Swimming is offered as part of the Physical Education Program.
  • Tennis – Students are introduced to the basics of tennis.

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