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Our History

Radians School was founded upon a vision that went far beyond the academic aspects of the times, encompassing the formation of young leaders with high moral and ethical values.

Today, the institution is unique in its methodology and the strong commitment of its facilitators, students, parents, and the entire community, and it is recognized far beyond the scope of its local setting. Today, Radians has a complete PK – 12 college preparatory school. 

The high school and administrative office buildings were inaugurated in 1999, along with the swimming pool and the coliseum. Our present facilities include 44 classrooms, meeting rooms, lunchroom and cafeteria, science lab, library, and resource center.

Philosophy and Objetives

“To offer an enriching integral education, emphasizing humane values and virtues. ”

Our Mission

“To forge, educate, and promote integral citizens.”


“Educational quality that transcends.”

About Us

Radians School seeks to create the ideal environment so that students can enrich their moral, affective, social, intellectual, and physical growth to become committed individuals in search of the meaning of God and mankind.

Radians School’s vision of the fundamental objectives of education is to instill the basic values of man such as: honesty, solidarity, equality, respect, responsibility, and citizenship. It strives to prepare students to be in control of their own destinies and to give teaching a human dimension capable of developing well-balanced men and women. Education should strive for the harmonic integration of its systematic work with the daily life of individuals and community.

Radians School aspires to develop individuals that respect their culture and traditions, diverse religious beliefs, the fine arts, and the moral values of the society to which they belong.

The academic curriculum is enriching and flexible according to the interests and needs of our students, giving special emphasis to the use of English, universal language of communication and the use of technology, meeting the needs of a changing world. The curriculum has been designed to prepare students for a demanding college education. Radians School is a “College Preparatory School”.

Powerful Alumni

Discipline is a determining factor in the development of our students. Radians School fosters an intrinsic discipline so that students may incorporate themselves in their social environment as useful and responsible citizens who accept their rights and obligations.

Responding to our school’s Mission of Forging, Educating and Promoting integral Citizens, Radians School has created a Virtues-Based Community. Its main purpose is to maintain a climate of respect, responsibility and empathy that facilitates the teaching-learning process and develops students’ character.

Character Education is a wav of life. It is living by demonstrating, with our daily conduct, who we are and what we do. This way of life is intentionally inserted into all of our Institution’s curricular and co- curricular activities to support the social, emotional, and ethical development of the entire community. It is a proactive effort to develop values, principles, virtues and ethical concepts both in our students as well as in all members of our community. Character education develops social and emotional skills that are important for students to be successful in their school environment, family and society.

At the preschool level, emphasis is placed on “Mindfulness” as a means to encourage and facilitate control and development of the self.

From preschool to high school, students set their goals and, at the beginning of the school year, write a group pledge that they commit to follow and fulfill during the academic year.

Radians School has been widely recognized by “”, based in Washington DC, as “National School of Character”, being the only school in Puerto Rico that has received this distinction.

Welcome to your new… “Virtues Based Community”!