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In accordance with our school philosophy to offer an enriching and integral education for each student, our virtues-based community fosters social emotional learning experiences through Character Education. Radians character education is not a program, anymore; it is a way of life. These, in combination, helped fill the spiritual and emotional aspect of the integral development of our Radians virtues-based community. Human beings are composed of the spirit and the physical body. They are the inherent, latent qualities of human beings. We have all the elements to create and develop those characteristics within our community. Our virtues, the gifts of character, guide the entire decision-making process in our school. 

Professional development meetings help the school’s staff to remain abreast of the constantly changing methodologies in the pedagogical field. The emphasis on the development of high-learning skills, as outlined in each of the course offerings, becomes a major focal point. The focus on the objectives and goals, and the effectiveness of each method to attain these is a major key element. The commitment of the institution is to help students achieve their highest potential. Thus, it is evident that the methodology is directed towards the attainment of the objectives as stated in each academic program.

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